Jobs for Helpers of High-Risk Youth


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Social Workers

Attorney Henrietta Feldman focuses her solo practice in Palm Beach, Florida, on residential and commercial real estate. Henrietta Feldman also serves the community by mentoring high-risk children and teenagers.

Several occupational categories exist for persons wishing to help troubled youth: social workers, guidance counselors, outreach workers, and teachers.

Youth and family social workers generally have bachelor’s-level professional degrees. In addition to counseling, they locate resources for physical needs, such as food and housing. They work for organizations such as schools, non-profits, and walk-in clinics. Their contributions range from anti-gang violence training and substance abuse prevention to family problems and career choices.

Located in public and private schools, guidance counselors deal with problems that hinder learning. State-licensed and holding bachelor’s and often master’s degrees, they also address family dynamics, academic problems, and behavioral issues such as suicide. Guidance counselors additionally assist in selecting vocations and by giving standardized tests.

Outreach workers meet with troubled youth on their turf in recreational facilities and the streets. They strive to engage their clients in dealing with issues such as gun violence and drugs. They also advocate for them with local organizations and families. Outreach workers may have bachelor’s degrees in human services, but some do not have a post-secondary education.

Teachers often do more than hand out grades. They are sometimes the first to identify at-risk youth. Frequently serving as encouragers, teachers often spend time outside of school hours to mentor and serve as positive examples. Youth who would not ordinarily seek help from other professionals will sometimes go to their teachers for assistance.


Protect Yourself Legally When Purchasing or Selling a Home

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Purchasing or Selling a Home

An experienced real estate attorney, Henrietta Feldman practices out of her law office in Palm Beach, Florida. As an attorney who assists with residential real estate, Henrietta Feldman helps clients who are buying or selling a home.

Although it’s not mandatory to hire an attorney when you are buying or selling a home, it’s a good idea to do so. Real estate attorneys can help for several reasons. The main reason for hiring an attorney is they are able to protect your rights. Although you may know your basic rights as a homebuyer or seller, it’s best to have an attorney who can look over contracts and notice any red flags. The red flags may include your being responsible for all closing costs, the home being sold as-is, or other issues that may be buried deep in the contract that you may not have thought to check.

Additionally, real estate attorneys are well-versed in property law, and they know each of the title searches that must be done to make sure the person who is selling the home you’re interested in can do so legally. With an attorney by your side through this process, it makes for a less overwhelming experience as she or he knows which legal documents need to be filled out and when they should be submitted.

How an Attorney Can Help During a Foreclosure


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Owner of a law office in Palm Beach, Florida, Henrietta Feldman is a real estate attorney. With clients in Florida and Massachusetts, Henrietta Feldman specializes in residential cases, including foreclosures.

Many people assume when they are facing a foreclosure that they are definitely going to lose their home. However, with the right help from a real estate attorney, it may be possible to avoid this eventuality. One of the ways an attorney can help with a foreclosure is if your loan officer or lending institution didn’t follow appropriate procedures at some point during the foreclosure process. A foreclosing party is required by law and by legal agreements to follow specific steps. An attorney can look into the circumstances and let the homeowner know if a mistake or mistakes were made.

When involving an attorney in a foreclosure case, the entire process will slow down for the homeowner. As soon as an attorney is involved, the legal department at the mortgage company will have to get in contact with the attorney. During this process, it may give the homeowner a chance to catch up on their finances.

Additionally, an attorney can try to negotiate a payment plan with the lender to allow smaller payments so the homeowner can catch up more easily. Although an attorney won’t always be able to help, they often have a better chance of getting a mortgage company to listen to them than the homeowner.

Reasons to Get a Home Appraisal


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Home Appraisal

A graduate of Cornell University and Boston University School of Law, Henrietta Feldman has practiced real estate law since 1999. Working with both commercial and residential clients in Florida and Massachusetts, Henrietta Feldman reviews and documents transactions such as leases, purchases, inspections, and appraisals.

Determining the fair market value of a home is an essential step in the process of home buying and selling. A qualified, state-licensed appraiser evaluates the home’s age and condition, as well as its future marketability and selling prices of nearby homes, to accurately determine whether the home’s selling price is fair. A home appraisal may be necessary in order to refinance a home, or to determine if a loan’s remaining balance has fallen below 80 percent of a home’s value should the owners wish to discontinue their private mortgage insurance or PMI. Additionally, homeowners who are considering renovations might hire an appraiser to determine whether the contemplated improvements would add significant value to their home.

Preparing to Sell Your Commercial Property


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Commercial Property

For more than 15 years, Henrietta Feldman has been practicing as a real estate attorney. Currently practicing at the Law Office of Henrietta Feldman, LLC, in Palm Beach, Florida, she spent much of her career working in Boston. She focuses on residential and commercial real estate matters and handles such things as loan, purchase, and sale agreements.

Selling commercial real estate can be exciting, but it also brings about several unique challenges that you must navigate. Below are just a few things you should do when preparing to sell a commercial property:

Analyze recent sales. By looking at recent commercial property sales, you can determine whether it is a good time to sell your property. Check prices of similar properties in your area to see if they are near your sales goal. Recent sales are not always a guarantee of the price you will get, but they can provide you with some perspective about the market.

Gather documents. If you determine that it is a good time to sell, gather your documents before you put the property on the market. You should gather such documents as your rent roll, existing leases, and title deed. This ensures that you have all the necessary information for buyers as soon as they express an interest and prevents unnecessary delays in the sales process.

Make improvements. First impressions are very important when selling commercial property. If the outside of your property looks a bit plain, try adding some flowers or bushes to spruce it up. Further, make sure all existing plants are well groomed. It may also be helpful to make simple repairs inside the building or add a fresh coat of paint to make things look cleaner.

Alternative Ways to Donate to the Salvation Army

Salvation Army
Salvation Army


An attorney in Palm Beach, Florida, Henrietta Feldman practices residential and commercial real estate. Outside of her legal practice, Henrietta Feldman is involved with charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army.

In addition to accepting monetary donations, the Salvation Army offers a number of alternative ways for individuals to contribute to its charitable programs around the globe. Donors can give clothing, furniture, appliances, and household items. Those who cannot get to a Salvation Army drop-off location can arrange for free pickup at their home.

The Salvation Army also accepts donated airline miles. By joining the United Airlines Charity Miles Program or the Delta SkyWish program, individuals can donate the miles they accrue when traveling. Donated miles help transport disaster relief personnel and individuals in need of urgent medical care.

Further, the Salvation Army takes donations in the form of stocks and bonds, as well as planned gifts through wills, trusts, and annuities.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

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Real Estate Attorney

A graduate of Boston University School of Law, Henrietta Feldman serves as an attorney in Palm Beach, Florida. Henrietta Feldman practices commercial and residential real estate law.

Although homebuyers are not always obligated to hire a real estate attorney, there are a number of reasons to seek legal assistance for real estate transactions. Real estate attorneys can perform such tasks as searching for property titles and drafting purchase contracts. Although the latter task may seem simple, given the use of standardized forms, a real estate attorney can draft complex agreements in special circumstances and help homebuyers understand unusual terms in the purchase contract.

Further, if homebuyers plan to rent a property for a specified time before purchasing it, they may benefit from the assistance of a real estate attorney to draft the lease agreement. A real estate attorney can also negotiate repairs identified on the home inspection and assist homebuyers in special circumstances, such as in the purchase of a home with potential structural problems.